how to make simple and beautiful art on bottles for your home

Nowadays, The art of bottles is popular and famous. The Creators make a variety of designs with a minimal budget. The results are stunning. It is the best way to decorate your home​​​​ and gift for occasions. If you are interested in how to art on bottles. Please go through this article to guide you step by step in full detail.

Materials requirements

1. Empty the bottle

2. Acrylic colours

2. Acrylic colours

3. Synthetic Paint Brush

4. colour paper tape

5. colour glitter set

6. flower without pot

Here are the full video on how to make art on bottles for your home decoration

Here is the art on bottle step by step

but no need to follow this. you can make it your way it's just an example of how I made it.


Take a cleaned empty bottle as you like, which one you want for home decoration, and make single colour on the bottle ( any colour you like ). then keep trying for 30 minutes or more.


Like the above video, to make the bottle's front side any design drawn by brush like small flowers, leaves, and any other designs.


Around the bottles make lines, We made yellow lines like spider net type And also use colour glitters, green colour as per above video once made after keep trying 30 minutes finally, fill little bit sand inside the bottle, insert the flowers from the top on the bottle. Now you will get a beautiful flower vase for your home decoration.

Final words 

Art on bottles is the best way to decorate your home, and it's the best way to support the artists. We can find many ways to bottle art online, in person, etc. If you need the best piece of art on bottle design. Need some time and explore your ideas. this way, one type from many ways. No need to follow this way Also can change as you like. It's a sample for you. If you like, please share this post.

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